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QASA recently joined forces with the Polystyrene Packaging Council who have been facilitating the infamous BREAD TAGS FOR WHEELCHAIRS project

This exciting initiative basically involves recycling breadtags in return for wheelchairs. Once the breadtags have been bought by the recyclers, they are re-processed into seedling trays and picture frames. QASA then qualifies the recipients of the wheelchairs and uses CE Mobility, South Africa’s largest local manufacturer of wheelchairs, to supply and fit the chair. Kwik Lok Corporation and Sasko Bakeries are also on board the project, and donate a wheelchair for every chair collected. CE MOBILITY, an integral part of the project, also match the donation of a wheelchair. Each 1million bread tags or 270kg now equals 4 wheelchairs.

With 270kg of breadtags equal to one wheelchair, the idea that everyone can collect breadtags and make a difference has caught on like wildfire. Presently there are at least 500 collection points in strategic places, schools, shopping centres and churches throughout South Africa. The Breadtags for Wheelchairs project is a wonderful opportunity to become involved with your community, and to play a part in making a positive contribution to someone who is unable to buy their own wheelchair.

Something so small really can make a big difference!

For more information regarding Breadtags for Wheelchairs please call 012 259 0554 or log onto

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