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Auto-Mobility 2015

Auto-Mobility 2015
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Driving Ambitions

Driving Ambitions Vehicle

Presently, in South Africa, Public transport is not accessible for people with mobility impairments. Most wheelchair users in South Africa who do not have their own transport, are not employable and most are unemployed as they do not have access to accessible transport which would allow skills development and job interview and work and career opportunities.

There is a strong lobby initiative driven by QASA and SADA to ensure an integrated and accessible public transport system becomes a reality. This includes integration of Metro bus services, BRT, MetroRail and Dial-a-Ride services.

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Many NGO’s provide their own transport services to a limited number of members at their own cost and when resources allow. The majority of people with mobility impairments however, are handicapped by this scenario.

Driving Ambitions Advert
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QASA has identified the need to provide a service of developing the capacity of people with limited mobility, mobility impairment that would need to use adaptations on vehicles, to drive. QASA has committed to providing a functional service of driver training to give the opportunity for members to achieve their driver’s license.

This achievement will bring them one step closer to being mobile and independent which will allow employment opportunities, social freedom and a life changing accreditation.

Driving Ambitions plans to be the centre of excellence in driver training which will include: functional assessment, learners license guidance, driving simulation, driving training, advanced driver training, training & sensitization of Metro Officers, training & sensitization for driver training schools and research & development for improved legislation within the Road Traffic Act.

The driver training process is not as easy as is thought and there are some significant competencies which are necessary to drive a vehicle as a person with a disability and a number of combinations of adaptations that need to correctly be specified to maximise the performance and safety for a driver with disabilities.

With the professional input from occupational therapist Caroline Rule, and the partnership of QASA, DRIVING AMBITIONS, has been launched. Read full details in PDF

Application Forms - Click link to download

JpegKwazulu Natal Driving Ambitions Application Form - Jan 2016

JpegKwazulu Natal Driving Ambitions Application Form - Jan 2016

JpegGauteng Driving Ambitions Application Form - Jan 2016

JpegGauteng Driving Ambitions Application Form - Jan 2016

JpegKwazulu Natal Driving Ambitions - Scope and Criteria - Apr 2015

JpegClick the link to download Kwazulu Natal Driving Ambitions Mar 2015 - Application Form

JpegDriving Ambitions Project- Scope and Criteria - Sep 2013

JpegClick the link to download Driving Ambitions 2013 - Application Form

See Article - Fulfilling Driving Ambitions

Driving Devices Driving Student - Smiling Jan Driving Devices
Hand controls in an adapted vehicle.

Driving Ambitions Success Stories

Thavashin Moonsamy Thavashin Moonsamy, a paraplegic, had the desire to get behind the steering wheel of a car again and increase his independence. With the help of QASA’s Driving Ambitions program and the amazing ability to adapt quickly to driving with hand controls a desire became a reality and Thavashin passed his driving test on 31st July.
Thobile and Wendy Des Harmse, our driving instructor, had a successful week with two more of his Driving Ambitions candidates passing their drivers licence test. The hard work and dedication put in by Thobile Nopityo and Wendy Manwatha, both paraplegics, paid off when they both passed their tests on 12th & 13th October respectively. Well done Des, Thobile and Wendy.
Carel De Jager My work is of such a nature that it is required that I have to drive around a lot. When I had the accident and my leg was amputated this could not be done for obvious reasons. When put in contact with Driving Ambitions it changed my life! I went for driving lessons in a sponsored car and got my license, which put me back on my job. In the time that I had no license I was stuck in an office. Now I am back in full force, driving an adapted vehicle. This would have been a long process had I not being able to make use of a sponsored car. Regards Carel De Jager
Rudolph Moleko I would like to express my gratitude to QASA for all that it has done for me . After I got my learners I was confused not knowing where to go next until I found QASA and through Driving Ambitions I now finally have a code 08 drivers license. This may not mean much to many “Able ” people, but QASA helped me achieve what could possibly be my greatest achievement this year. QASA will help me use my “disability” and show others that it is not a “disability” but a “different ability” ... Lastly I would like to thank Des for showing me that I can do anything if I put my mind to it.
Thankfully Rudolph Letlhogonolo Moleko
Talya Turck Tayla Ann Turck, our youngest student, successfully obtained her driver’s license on Saturday 17 Aug 2013. Our Little Star overcame all kinds of difficulty & outside pressure, being in matric and the added pressure of getting her own car, a Honda Brio, for her 18th birthday. We did a lot of roadwork, up to and including her first drive on a freeway, exceeding a 100km/h. Her love & passion for helping others is a characteristic that motivated her and those around her to help her achieve her goal of passing her Driver’s Licence.
Tefo Osekeng First of all I would like express my gratitude to the Driving School of QASA at Large for giving me opportunity to experience my driving with them and patiently teaching me all the way until the end. All the effort to the Driving Instructor (Des Harmse), He was so perfect in terms of training, coaching and advising. I gained lot of strength from his tactics and he has his unique way of training which kept me going as a learner. The car was also in good condition for driving and utilisation. It’s a relief that I never uncounted any accidents or faults on the road. The timing was also perfect in terms of pickups and doing the lessons. I’ve also learnt new road signs during the lessons and what to expect when you are in a certain situation on the road. The Car is well modified and easy to use for the Person with glad I got used to the car so easily after just few lessons. Lastly to the members and employees of QASA, keep up the Good work and continue to expose opportunity to people with Disabilities. If QASA didn’t exist I wouldn’t be having my licence at the for you exist then the will be more existence of Drivers living with Disability and I say “BRAVO” to the excellent work you are pursuing. Yours sincerely Tefo Osekeng
Thabiso Molopo Thabiso Molopo, an amputee, joined our Driving Ambitions program to achieve his goal of getting his drivers licence and thereby gaining some more independence. In Thabiso’s own words, “My first day driving, I felt quite nervous because I wasn’t familiar with a converted car. I’ve never driven a car before. So the whole experience was amazing. I enjoyed each and every moment of the time I was practicing.”
Nthabiseng Mabena First time of my driving I was so excited I couldn't belivee it that is me driving a car, it was not as hard as I thought it will be. Knowing your organisation and meeting Des as my driving Instructor was the best thing that happened to me as it brought me hope that everything is possible as long as you put your mind to it, don't mind what people are saying when they discourage you that you can't drive because you are in the wheelchair , that’s not true. On the day of my test when the Examiner told me I passed I was so excited I didn't believe that it is me holding a driving licence. Having a driving licence will make my life much easier. It is like I'm walking again *smiling*. I'm in the process of getting myself a car. Thank you very much, you bring hope to disabled people!
Nthabiseng Mabena
Mdu Nhlebela Mdu Nhlebela, another paraplegic and Driving Ambitions participant from Centurion, also passed his driver’s test.
Kgotso Nhlapo I have had the most wonderful experience at Driving Ambitions and after 8 wonderful lessons with Des I was able to securely get my driving licence. Needless to say this has open doors for me not only in terms of work but also in social realms. I will now be able travel and be free and not locked in the space of Public Transport. There are not enough ways to thank you for the journey. Now i need to find the perfect car for myself.
Kgotso Nhlapo
Jermina Tshabalala Just when I thought I will never achieve my Driver’s License due to my disability. Thank you so much for teaching me the valuable lesson of learning to drive! It will be strange driving by myself but I feel more confident knowing that I was taught everything in a way that is 'practicable' and that will make me a better driver, because of you guys and whole team, having my driver’s licence means a lot for me because in the next few months I will rest of public transport taxi’s and rude people.
Thank you, Jermina Tshabalala

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