Driving ambitions gives an opportunity for people with physical disabilities who have the agility to drive, the opportunity to take driving lessons with the objective of getting your driving licence.

This project of QASA’s comprises of adapted vehicles in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Durban, with professional driver trainers.

If you dreaming of driving again, and you think you have the agility to drive, using hand controls, then applied to the program, we will do an assessment and if you
qualify, you will have the opportunity to learn to drive again.

Driving Ambitions Success Stories

Thavashin Moonsamy, a paraplegic, had the desire to get behind the steering wheel of a car again and increase his independence. With the help of QASA’s Driving Ambitions program and the amazing ability to adapt quickly to driving with hand controls a desire became a reality and Thavashin passed his driving test on 31st July.
Des Harmse, our driving instructor, had a successful week with two more of his Driving Ambitions candidates passing their drivers licence test. The hard work and dedication put in by Thobile Nopityo and Wendy Manwatha, both paraplegics, paid off when they both passed their tests on 12th & 13th October respectively. Well done Des, Thobile and Wendy.
My work is of such a nature that it is required that I have to drive around a lot. When I had the accident and my leg was amputated this could not be done for obvious reasons. When put in contact with Driving Ambitions it changed my life! I went for driving lessons in a sponsored car and got my license, which put me back on my job. In the time that I had no license I was stuck in an office. Now I am back in full force, driving an adapted vehicle. This would have been a long process had I not being able to make use of a sponsored car. Regards Carel De Jager.
I would like to express my gratitude to QASA for all that it has done for me . After I got my learners I was confused not knowing where to go next until I found QASA and through Driving Ambitions I now finally have a code 08 drivers license. This may not mean much to many “Able ” people, but QASA helped me achieve what could possibly be my greatest achievement this year. QASA will help me use my “disability” and show others that it is not a “disability” but a “different ability” …  Lastly I would like to thank Des for showing me that I can do anything if I put my mind to it.
Thankfully Rudolph Letlhogonolo Moleko.