One of QASA’s main areas of focus is that of developing the skills and thereby the employment potential of people with disabilities. Historically, people with disabilities have been prevented from gaining basic and further qualifications through physical and attitudinal barriers to access to such opportunities. QASA has a number of initiatives to tackle these barriers and provide opportunities for people with disabilities to gain skills and qualifications.

Each year QASA allocates funds from its operating budget to pay for members to obtain a qualification in the field of their choice. Applicants must be members of QASA and must obtain the approval of their regional QuadPara Association, who will forward the request to the QASA National Office for a decision by management.

This year the fund named in honour of Neville Cohen who passed away in September 2005.

Neville was one of the stalwarts of the disability sector in South Africa and there are no people with mobility impairments who have not benefited in some way from his tireless campaigning for access and other disability issues.

To apply for a bursary from the Neville  Cohen Education Fund view the Criteria and Form below.

Please click the link to view the Education Fund Criteria and Conditions

Please click the link to download the Education Fund Assistance Form

Please take note that ALL Applications are required to be submitted through your Regional Association and only those applications will be considered.