SABAT Batteries

A centre of excellence, providing driver training and assessment, for people with disabilities who want to achieve their driving licence. To provide as many people as possible, with the opportunity to get their driving licence, which will in turn provide employment opportunities.

Assistive Devices

QASA has in stock, a number of different assistive devices which are sold at extremely reasonable prices, to members. To provide an economical solution for members with mobility and agility impairments. To provide a small revenue stream for QASA.

Stand Tall Wrist Bands

A green wristband, with our signature STAND TALL slogan, to promote the organisation. To provide PR, awareness and inspiration. The wrist bands are also sold for a revenue stream.developments which will provide fixed infrastructure for quadriplegics and paraplegics.

Publications: Rolling Inspiration

A bi-monthly glossy magazine by subscription and distribution, pitched as ”a lifestyle magazine for people with mobility impairments “. The only such publication on the continent, with a distribution of 5500. Providing professional information, by expert columnists, to develop the capacity of people with disabilities and health professionals. QASA enjoys a revenue stream from the advertising.

Publications: A-Z Guide

A glossy insert to Rolling Inspiration magazine providing information about all products and suppliers in the disability sector. This annual insert is a valuable resource for all people with disabilities and connected to the disability sector. Providing up-to-date information about equipment and supplies. Providing a revenue stream for QASA.

Publications: Automobility

A glossy insert to Rolling Inspiration magazine providing information about vehicles and vehicle adaptations. This magazine covers all elements of driving. To encourage members who have the ability and agility, to investigate options of driving. The publication has a revenue stream for QASA.

Publications: Sawubona Disability

A publication in five languages (English, Afrikaans, Sotho, Xhosa, Zulu), covering the myths, manners, dos and don’ts about disability. It is a sensitisation booklet explaining and befriending disability. To provide a source of information for people to be sensitised about disability. QASA enjoys a revenue stream from this publication.

Publications: Sexuality and Sex options for Spinal cord injured

A publication presenting the opportunities for sexual options and sexuality issues, also covering issues of HIV/AIDS To provide material which will develop knowledge and opportunity for members.

Publications: SCI for Illiterate persons

This publication explains spinal cord injury in pictorial form to assist people who are illiterate. To develop capacity of people who are illiterate, to understand all lifestyle issues of spinal cord injury. To ensure that all people with spinal cord injuries have a good understanding.

Publications: SCI information booklet

This publication, explains spinal cord injury for all to understand. To ensure that all people with spinal cord injury and their families have a good understanding of the condition. To ensure they have as much knowledge to keep them as healthy as possible.


QASA produces DVDs for distribution to members Providing information to develop the capacity of members

Bags of Hope

QASA distribute information for newly spinal cord injured persons, on discharge through a haversack bag filled with publications. In exchange, information about the recipient is handed over to QASA to develop a database of newly spinal cord injured persons. QASA has up-to-date information about all persons becoming spinal cord injured in South Africa.