Driving Ambitions

A centre of excellence, providing driver training and assessment, for people with disabilities who want to achieve their driving licence. To provide as many people as possible, with the opportunity to get their driving licence, which will in turn provide employment opportunities.

National Access Authority (NAA)

NAA provides a policing and advisory service for access issues and deals with access complaints and transgressions of the National Building Regulations. Promoting an accessible environment and taking to task, abuse of human rights. The project has ensured more accessible environments and promoted the concept of Universal design.

Rolling Positive

Funded by the Global Fund, this project will train peer educators to create awareness of HIV & AIDS in the disability community. To have completed training of educators and directly influence 20000 people with disabilities in their behaviour and knowledge.


A used ink cartridge collection programme in partnership with GreenOffice. Quadriplegics and paraplegics are employed through this project and QASA enjoys a revenue stream.

Workshops: Capacity Building

QASA delivers regular capacity building workshops to members in provinces on Leadership, Strategic Plan, Sustainability, Legislation and Governance. Provide a platform to develop new leaders and the capacity of our members.

Training: Care Attendant Training

We run regular training sessions for Care Attendants on basic care of people with SCI and prevention of health risks. To empower and develop the knowledge of care attendants and also provide an element of self worth.

Training: Airport Handling Staff

Training is given regularly to the service providers to airlines on the safe and appropriate handling of assisted passengers. To develop better service for assisted passengers who travel. This project also has a revenue stream for QASA.

Training: Sensitization

We provide sensitization training to corporates and Govt. In order to deal with prejudices and inequalities towards disability.
Mind sets changes and opportunities for people with disabilities to integrate. This project also generates revenue for QASA.


An employment project updates CV’s of members and provides a database of job seeker to HR companies and corporate to promote the skills of members. To promote the mainstream and decent employment for members. Relationships with Employment Agencies provide a revenue stream from placements.

Entrepreneurial Development

Entrepreneurs are developed through learnership and training programmes and QASA assists in developing businesses for members. To provide self employment for members.

Self Help Centre Development

QASA assists in the development of new self-help centres, providing independent living in a communal environment. To provide quadriplegics and paraplegics with independent living opportunities.

Digital Village: Pretoria

Computer training and job interview experience courses are run on a weekly basis at our computer centre in Pretoria. Empowering people will disabilities with e-mail and a CV. To develop the computer skills of people with disabilities and allow them an opportunity to understand the job interview process.


QASA develops the database of members, through a number of projects, to ensure that you understand our constituency. To develop membership within the organisation.

Prevention:- Road Safety: BUCKLE UP

Providing an awareness campaign during the holiday periods, and promoting the QASA road safety slogan “BUCKLE-UP – WE DONT WANT NEW MEMBERS”, by encouraging road users to use their seatbelts. Employment opportunities for our members, good partnership with the Department of Transport and brand awareness for QASA.

Prevention:-Road Safety: Distracted Driving

Delivering a high profile awareness campaign on the consequences of distracted driving, especially the use of a mobile in a vehicle. To reduce the number of accidents, as a result of distractions which will reduce the number of spinal cord injuries.

Prevention:- Diving Awareness

To create awareness about the risk of diving into water without checking the depth. Awareness media and signage is promoted by QASA. To reduce the number of spinal cord injuries from diving accidents.

Wheelchair Project

Providing wheelchairs, for people who need specialised seating and wheelchair requirements. Members apply, and are assessed and are awarded wheelchairs to suit their mobility need. Providing seating and mobility solutions for members to ensure that they are as mobile and functional as possible.


QASA undertakes some research and supports the research needs of other individuals and organisations. To provide evidence and information to support the needs of members.

Art Exhibition

QASA encourages quadriplegics and paraplegics to participate in art and culture activities. We host an annual art exhibition. To encourage members to enjoy art and culture.