One of QASA’s main focus areas is promoting independent living for quadriplegics and paraplegics. With limited access to education and the formal labour market, and in many cases reliant on government’s disability grant of R1 080.00 per month, quadriplegics and paraplegics are often left with little choice but to be dependent on family members for a home.

QASA’s solution is to provide self help centre’s which allow communities of wheelchair users to live independently of their families. The self help centre’s provide accommodation, meals, care attendants and transport to the residents.

The philosophy behind a self-help centre is that the residents are entirely responsible for funding and managing the self help centre and make all decisions in respect of hiring staff and providing for the needs of the residents. The focus is not on providing a “care home” environment, but on giving wheelchair users a place to lead independent lives, hopefully as a stepping stone to people being able to buy their own homes and live entirely independently.

There are fifteen self help centre’s in South Africa to date, each managed by its residents under the auspices of the regional QuadPara Association.

QASA’s role is to raise funds to establish, build, expand and maintain self help centre’s. QASA’s partner for this is Pick ‘n Pay, which runs the annual Quad Squad Day campaign, the proceeds for which go to building and maintaining self help centre’s.

Click the link to download the list of Self Help Centres