QuadPara Association of South Africa

Access Audits

An access audit is a form of inspection that can be used to assess the ease of access to, and ease of use of an environment (such as a building or landscape), a service, or a facility, by people with a range of access impairments.

Everyone has the right to be able to fully participate within society, and the built environment and accessibility plays a vital role in achieving this goal. Persons with mobility impairments are faced with physical barriers that exclude them from societal integration, be that in the workplace, educational & recreational facilities.

Bearing this in mind it is of utmost importance that we make our spaces accessible, it is not only an issue of equality and justice, but it makes good business sense, and adds to contributing to the development of a more inclusive and equal society

Carrying out an access audit will identify several features including:

An accessible environment offers the following advantages:

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