QuadPara Association of South Africa

Relaunch of our Reimbursement Toolkit

We’ve updated and relaunched our Reimbursement Toolkit, which provides a practical guide for anyone who wants to approach a funder around the reimbursement of medical supplies (for example, medication or devices).

The Toolkit provides step-by-step instructions, templates and advice on how best to motivate certain medical supplies, or challenge a decision made by a funder (for example, a medical aid, Workmen Compensation Fund, or Road Accident Fund).

To commemorate the relaunch, we held a webinar on Thursday, 7 September 2023, during which contributors, Mark Brand and lawyer Elsabé Klinck, worked through the toolkit to explain the process, concepts and templates included in the document. Elsabé also provided some advice for successful reimbursement and answered questions from the participants.

The updated document can be downloaded here. The edited recording of the webinar can be viewed below.

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