QuadPara Association of South Africa


QASA undertakes “internal research” in order to understand the needs of its members. Questionnaires are distributed to QASA members and the response analyzed and considered in order to better serve persons with disabilities in South Africa. Information regarding the profile of spinal cord injured and their education, employment and transport needs is surveyed on an ongoing basis.

ETDP SETA Research

The QuadPara Association of South Africa, together with the Education, Training and Development Practices SETA (ETDP SETA) during 2003, conducted research into assessing the job and training needs of the mobility-impaired individuals of urban South Africa.

The research was conducted in the form of a questionnaire that was circulated to the mobility-impaired sector. A great misconception exists amongst employers who harbour wrongful opinions about persons with disabilities. The research results were be publicised and distributed in a practical and simple way that ensured that employers and decision-makers gain firsthand knowledge of the results obtained and the recommendations formulated on the research.

The result was that Institutions working with the disabled and / or serving their interests will were able to, based on the research results, develop and implement more strategically focused WSPs. The research facts were used in marketing to generate more work opportunities, in the endeavor to eradicate poverty.

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