QuadPara Association of South Africa

Sawubona Disability

Everyone has different levels of contact with people with disability and many people are not familiar with disabilities. Civil Society is often concerned that they may approach disabled persons inappropriately or say or do something that may create an uneasy situation for both the able bodied and disabled person, or potentially result in misunderstanding and anxiety for both the able bodied and disabled person. New information can change attitudes and remove barriers.SAWUBONA DISABILITY is a disability awareness booklet that informs the reader about the social and physical barriers experienced by people with disability and address society’s concern about using words that might inadvertently cause offence. It educates the reader on appropriate etiquette when approaching persons with disability and equip the reader with knowledge and skills to enhance their understanding of disability.The booklet is available in English, Afrikaans, Zulu, Xhosa & Sotho.