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Disabled Parking Discs

Accessible Parking Bays

Wheelchair Parking Bays & Discs are for persons who use wheelchairs and drive themselves or who are transported in a vehicle. These parking bays are set aside for wheelchair users. They are not only close to the entrance, but are also wider than the average parking bay, to cater for a wheelchair user who needs the extra space to enter or exit the vehicle. This extra space helps these transfers to be done safely for the wheelchair user & helps prevent the vehicle in the parking space nearby from getting damaged.

Persons who use these parking bays need to apply for a Wheelchair Parking Permit, also known as a “Disabled Parking Permit”, or “Disabled Badge”, which is displayed on the vehicle upon parking it in one of these bays.

WhatsApp 073 853 9675 to name and shame parking offenders.

QASA has a dedicated WhatsApp number to name and shame offenders using accessible parking bays in public parking areas across the country. If you see someone misusing an accessible demarcated parking bay, take a photo (include the location, date and time) and send it QASA’s WhatsApp number. Ensure that the vehicle registration is clear and the wheelchair parking sign is visible.

The dedicated WhatsApp number will allow QASA to deal with offenders accordingly and report them to the local authorities to deal with. A fine for parking in an accessible parking space, without the correct accreditation, could be up to R1000.

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