QuadPara Association of South Africa

Know your capabilities

QASA member Zara Talmarkes shares her journey with the organisation, and shares some important advice.

I’m a young vibrant female with a disability. I ended up in a wheelchair at the age of 15 years old. Mainstream school could not accommodate me. A friend recommended that I contact QASA to sign up to become a member.

I don’t regret !

While being with QASA for so long I made use of their Driving Ambitious Programme, Microsoft Literacy computer classes and the Work Readiness Programme (among other programmes and services). These three opportunities has really helped me grow personally as a person with a disability. This enabled me to secure a permanent job.

I have a positive outlook now towards life. I acknowledge that women with disabilities can also live a normal life and do what makes them happy.

I’m proud of the growth and impact that the Work Readiness Programme has on people with disabilities. We can’t live from a disability grant only. It’s not enough and it only covers the basics. Securing employment indeed helps a lot financially.

Securing a job after I completed my Work Readiness Programme has helped me to follow my dreams. I always wanted to have my own place, and because I’m employed, I could get the opportunity to live on my own. I’m so at ease now having my own space.

My advice to other QASA members is to please reach out if you need help from the organisation. They assist people with disabilities from different backgrounds and can help you meet your full potential in life.

Woman with disabilities should feel like queens and associate them with other women to enable them to live life to the fullest. A word of encouragement: Put yourself first and know your capabilities. If it’s meant for you, then it will finally be for you.

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