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Tenaciously pursuing employment

Successful Work Readiness Programme candidate, Sfundo Majubana sets a great example of the tenacious attitude required when pursuing employment.

“Before I enrolled in the programme, I applied on three different occasions for different vacancies at Grindrod Logistics Africa for which I had prior experience. Unfortunately, I was unsuccessful,” Sfundo shares. Thereafter he joined the QASA Work Readiness Programme.

“The experience was wonderful and educational. It involved individual participation and our facilitator made us feel very comfortable and welcome,” he says.

As part of the Programme, candidates spend a week at a company to gain experience. When it was time for Sfundo to be placed, he suggested Grindrod: “I sent QASA the contact information for Grindrod to ask if I could do my one-week work experience with them. They agreed.”

The placement turned into a permanent position with Sfundo appointed as a Customs Entry Operator. It is a dream come true as Sfundo has a passion for the logistics industry.

“Working for Grindrod has been great with many productive challenges. I have gained a lot more experience in imports and exports in all modes of transport. I have also learned more about the SARS Customs Clearance Procedures,” he shares.

Sfundo is dedicated to continue learning more about the industry. He is currently enrolled in even more courses “to further enrich me with knowledge”.

Permanent employment has provided Sfundo with financial independence as well as better mental health. He explains: “Formal employment has impacted my life in a very positive way as I can provide for my family in these tough economic times, and I am mentally productive on a daily basis. It gives me courage, strength and perseverance to strive harder for a better in future.”

Sfundo shares some final wisdom: “The advice I have for people with disabilities is that we must not expect people to feel sorry for us. We must use all the opportunities available to uplift our skills/selves so that we can be employable and be a positive contributing factor in the workplace. We can also join groups for people with disabilities where there is a lot of educational information.”

If you want to participate in the programme or offer a placement opportunity to a candidate, contact us at recruitment@qasa.co.za.

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